Online Recruiter Training

Fundamental training to help new Recruiters learn the art of recruiting.  Great for talent acquisition teams and staffing companies.

A complete training platform

Leading organizations lean on our recruiter training to help new hires develop strong fundamentals.

Online courses teach a repeatable methodology for each stage in the hiring process.  From the initial intake meeting to negotiating the offer we help new Recruiters learn the basics with recruiter training developed by industry veterans with more than two decades of experience.

Framing the Search

Your hiring manager customers will expect you to be the expert.  Learn how to control the intake meeting and gather relevant details for recruiting assignments.

Sourcing Strategies

Learn how to get the most out of your recruiting stack including posting to job boards and effectively mining resume databases.

Attracting Passive Candidates

Learn how to attract passive job candidates with fundamental headhunting skills.

Interview Preparation

A proven methodology to help candidates prepare and perform well during the interview.

Interviewing the Candidate

Learn a methodology to ensure that you walk away with the information to accurately represent the candidate to the hiring manager.

Writing Job Descriptions

Recruiter training that teaches you how to attract high quality candidates with concise, on-point job descriptions.

Submitting the Candidate

How to merchandise the candidate and convince the hiring manager to interview.

Negotiating Offers

Individual steps for working with the hiring manager to formulate an offer and present it to the candidate.

“These courses are jam packed with critical information for new Recruiters!  This material has made an immediate impact on the work I’m doing right now.”

Zenda Judalena

Recruiting Coordinator, Applied Behavioral Mental Health Counseling, P.C.


Who is recruiter training for?

Professionals looking to move into agency recruiting, talent acquisition or who want to polish up on their fundamental recruiting skills.

What will I learn?

A complete methodology for each stage in the hiring process.  From running the intake meeting to securing an accepted offer and on-boarding the new hire.

What are job aids?

Job aids are customizable guides, templates and forms that support your hands on work.  Gain access to our entire library with your enrollment.

How much does this cost?

We have a simple pricing model.  Each learner pays $99 for lifetime access to our courses.  We periodically update new material and improve existing courses.

Is this for agency or talent acquisition recruiters?

Both.  Corporate talent acquisition and agency recruiters will benefit from this training.

How long will this take?

There are 15 micro-learning courses and over 3 hours of content.  Most learners find they can complete all of the courses in less than a week.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up and create an account to gain access to the paid members area where you can access all of your courses.

Free Resources

Check out our resource library for free guides, eBooks and other resources to help in your recruiting efforts.

Recruiter Certification

Our repeatable methodology for each stage in the recruiting and hiring life cycle will give you the knowledge to launch your Recruiting career.  

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