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Welcome to Recruiting Fundamentals!  From the Learner Dashboard you can access all of the learning content available to you through your paid membership.    

Course Instructions

Each lesson has a brief set of instructions for you to follow in order to get the most out of your learning experience. 


  • Download any suggested job aids before you start the video lesson. 
  • Take notes. (Writing helps support memory and retention.)
  • Expand the videos to Full Screen for better viewing.

Suggested Prerequisites

This course is designed to be completed in chronological order.  The menu on the right will help you stay organized and each chapter lists suggested prerequisites.

Learning Objectives

Each lesson will list the learning objectives that you should obtain by completing it.  Focus on understanding the individual steps laid out for each process as well as the nuance around best practices.

    Downloads & Job Aids

    Each lesson contains at least one customizable Job Aid.  You can  download PDF copy under the Downloads & Job Aids section in each lesson.