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Fundamental training to help new Recruiters learn the art of recruiting.  Great for talent acquisition teams and staffing companies.

Framing the Search

Your hiring manager customers will expect you to be the expert.  Learn how to control the intake meeting and gather relevant details for recruiting assignments.

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Sourcing Strategies

Learn how to get the most out of your recruiting stack including posting to job boards and effectively mining resume databases.

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Attracting Passive Candidates

Learn why good headhunting is the differentiation between the average Recruiter and top professionals and how to identify, attract and hire passive job candidates.

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Submitting the Candidate

Submitting the candidate to the hiring manger is a critical step in the recruiting process.  Learn how to merchandise the candidate in a way that helps secure more send outs.

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Interview Preparation

By the time your candidate goes out on an interview you will have a significant investment of time and energy in the placement process. Protect that investment with a proven methodology to help candidates prepare and perform well.

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Debriefing the Hiring Manager

In our course on debriefing the hiring manager we discuss our methodology for assessing the manager’s interest in the candidate and providing guidance for making an offer of employment.

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Interviewing the Candidate

Learn a methodology to ensure that you walk away with all of the the information you need to accurately represent the candidate to the hiring manager.

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Writing Job Descriptions

Recruiter training that teaches you how to attract high quality candidates with concise, on-point job descriptions.

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Formatting Resumes

From time to time it will become necessary for you to rewrite, or format, the candidate’s resume.  Learn how to structure a resume and what to include within each of the primary sections.

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Closing for the Send Out

Understand why the Send Out is the most important metric to track in recruiting.  Learn a three part methodology for securing interviews and completing more placements.

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Debriefing the Candidate

Now that the candidate has gone out on an interview with the hiring manager we teach a repeatable method for gathering the information you will need to move the hiring process forward and begin shaping the offer negotiation.

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Offer Acceptance & Onboarding

In the final step of the recruiting process we lay out the individual steps for working with the hiring manager to formulate an offer, present it to the candidate and secure their acceptance.

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